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Picking the Right CCTV System for the Home and Office

CCTV systems are the most reliable electronic devices that improve the security level of homes and commercial buildings. Understanding the advantages of CCTV system prior to its installation can help you better understand why you need one in your home or office. There are several factors to consider as well in CCTV installation.

Among the things that you have to consider in a CCTV system are the following.

The surrounding areas of your home should be inspected prior to any CCTV installation. CCTV can only cover a specific area so you should know where to install it. You should pinpoint and prioritize highly vulnerable areas outside your home.

After inspecting the surroundings of your home and pinpointing the vulnerable areas, you can now assess how many CCTVs are needed for your property. Since security cameras can only cover a portion of an area, you should know how many cameras are needed in a single area. The lens size of the CCTV can also affect the area that it could cover. You should not, however, choose a very wide lens as it could affect the quality of the recording for each camera. It is advisable to choose narrower and more focused lenses instead of big ones if you want high quality recording. You can freely choose which areas should you mount the security cameras.

Cameras equipped with illuminators are best installed in areas that are dark. Although majority of the security cameras right now in the market are equipped with illuminators, not all of them can produce high definition recordings. The illuminator range greatly depends on the type of illuminator equipped in the camera. IR illuminators are high recommended in establishments that are located in dark areas. CCTV with such illuminators are also referred to as bullet cameras.

Security cameras also come with monitors for up-to-date surveillance. Most televisions and computer monitors can be connected with security cameras so you might want to start with that. You may need to get additional wirings if your current monitor does not have a VGA connection available. You can easily get one at an appliance store or computer shop.

The brand should be greatly considered when choosing a CCTV system. The quality of the security camera can be simply assessed through its brand or manufacturer. Avoid purchasing cameras that are too cheap as they might get destroyed right away. Cheap security cameras destroy very quickly. Warranty services are only offered to customers of branded security cameras. United Alarm manufactures one of the most reliable security cameras out there. Checking for feedback online is a good way to start looking for the best brand of security camera. If you want an easy shopping, you should consider shopping online.

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