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A Menstrual Cup Discussion.

A menstrual cup is a fitting put inside the vagina to protect the wearer from menstrual periods. Menstrual cup do not absorb menstrual fluid but it stores the fluid until the cup is emptied.

A menstrual cup is inconspicuous as compared to the sanitary pad and can take double the amount of menstrual fluid without leaking or changing. The storage capacity of the menstrual cup makes it ideal for women with active lifestyles in sports or even traveling.. Menstrual cups composition of latex or hypoallergic silicone ensures the wearer is not irritated.

There is also a menstrual cup that can be washed. The menstrual cup that can be washed can be used for more than 10 years and this is economically friendly and good to the environment too.

The risks of leakages, dampness, and odor common with ordinary pads are reduced because the menstrual fluid is stored inside the body.

The bell-shaped design of the menstrual cup at use now is almost eighty years old now, patented in 1932. The cup has decades of research, testing and development and therefore it is good for use.
In the United States, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the menstrual cups. There are no reported cases of toxic shock syndrome attributable to the use of menstrual cup. Poor maintenance of the reusable washable cup have led to yeast infection in a few cases. The menstrual cup has proven to be perfectly safe and healthy for use safe for the poor maintenance of the cups.

The latest innovation to the feminine hygiene is the Diva Menstrual Solution. The reliability and safety of the menstrual cups is because it is made from pure silicone. So soft and comfortable is the moon cup that it is rarely felt inside the body. Moon cup is always ready because it reusable. The burden of throwing away used pads or carrying around bulky spares is removed when women use the moon menstrual cup. Moon cup produce less waste and last for years, thus cheaper and environmentally friendly. The cup is easy to use and perfectly serviceable..

One follows the following steps to prepare a moon cup before using it.

The sides of the moon cup are pressed together and then folded in half again to form a U shape. To form a triangle,place a finger on the top of the cup and squeeze down to the center of the inside base. The folded sides are firmly held in place between the thumb and the forefinger so that the curved edge faces away from the palm. With vaginal muscles relaxed and in a comfortable position,gently separate the labia with free hand and push the curved edge of the cup to the vaginal opening no further than half an inch. Gently reach to the cup to remove it by pulling it from the base then empty it and clean it.

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